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Optimize is a user-centric research group at Wichita State University. We aim to be the leading provider to IMPROVE customer products, ADVANCE user-centric best practices, and DEVELOP new HF/UX practitioners via experiential learning.

We have experience designing and evaluating user interfaces, testing the usability of technology in many domains, and conducting research in applied human-computer interaction. View the services Optimize offers.

We have served many companies across the life cycle of their products. We focus on how users learn to use a product to achieve their goals and their satisfaction during the experience. We produce results to optimize products in being Useful, Useable, Desirable, Findable, Accessible, and Credible.

Optimize is a collaborative research team made up of research scientists, Human Factors professors, consultants, and most importantly graduate students. Our main academic function is to provide real-world experience to Human Factors graduate students who excel as HF/UX professionals for our clients after graduation.


Send us a message if you have any questions regarding any of the services Optimize offers, if you have any comments/questions concerning the website and/or our lab, or if you want to report dead links and/or errors encountered on the website. Send Bids or Request for Proposals/Quotations directly to Optimize Director, Traci Hart.

Wichita State University
McKinley Hall, Room 102
1845 N. Fairmount St., Box 34
Wichita, KS 67260-0034

Optimize Director:
Traci Hart, Ph.D.