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Optimize is staffed by three full-time personnel with training in Human Factors and experience evaluating products and improving user experience. The Leadership team executes the administrative responsibilities related to conducting research with the University: writing proposals, creating budget/quotes/RFPs, securing IRB approvals, and completing payments to your participants.

Our Office is located in 102 McKinley Hall on the main WSU campus; open 9am – 5pm M-F.

  Jan McKown, Program Manager

  Mark Meyer, Research Scientist

  Traci Hart, PhD, Optimize Director


Optimize is closely affiliated with the WSU Human Factors program and its faculty. Our team of HF faculty, advisors and consultants lend their time and expertise to many of the Optimize projects that match their specialized research areas of interest: Human-Computer Interaction, Transportation, Perception, Usability, Psychometrics, Decision-making and more. To work with a specific person on a project, please contact them directly through the links below.


Optimize is staffed by experienced researchers who are members of the Human Factors graduate program at Wichita State University. Many have experience working in industry as UX professionals and interns. Areas of research specialty include: interface design, gaming, technology in healthcare, automation, human error analysis, mobile devices, scale development, usability evaluation, educational technology, and eye tracking.

Name Email LinkedIn
Armijo, Adam
Choi, William
Crager, Kirsten
Ellis, Jake
Granados, Jasmine
Haskins, Christal
Leverenz, Tiffany
Patzer, Brady
Plummer, JP
Raushel, Alexis
Siu, Christina
Sogaard, Inga
Soria Misasi, Paul
Turner, Colton


Over 20 past graduates of Optimize (previously Software Usability Research Lab; SURL) now work in a variety of industries as Human Factors professionals or upper management. All PhD students complete an internship prior to graduation and then are employed in various industries including: software, hardware, aircraft, insurance, education, finance, travel, and research & development. Our alumni have worked as independent consultants and at various local, national and international companies like: Microsoft, Google, Bose, NetApp, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Dell, YouTube, PerfectForms, Capitol One, Honeywell, State Farm, Country Financial, General Atomics, and Sandia National Labs (to name a few).