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Designing for the User Not Their Age

April 2nd, 2018|Categories: Design, Requirements Gathering, Research, Services|Tags: , |

Designers often assume that older users will encounter difficulties when interacting with digital technologies. Strictly following older adult design guidelines will not guarantee that older users will find digital technologies easy to use and enjoyable. Given the enormous heterogeneity within the older adult population, designers and researchers should also consider other factors related to the needs, attitudes, and experiences of older users. 

  • Personas displayed on a whiteboard

Know Thy User

March 2nd, 2018|Categories: Publication, Requirements Gathering, Research, Services|Tags: |

A persona is a representative character profile that creates a story/visualization about a realistic user or user group. Best used early in the design cycle, personas guide the discovery of who the users are, what needs and expectations they have, and how the new product or service will benefit them.

  • Unboxing Stage of OOBE Test

Unboxing the User Experience

February 7th, 2018|Categories: Research, Services, Usability Evaluation|Tags: |

John Salaro sums it up best, "...Because it sets the tone for all other uses of the product, the first experience needs to be a good one. On the business front, a successful OOBE means fewer returned products or calls to customer support, as well as increased sales based on customers' word-of-mouth recommendations."

Recent Publications from the Research Team

  • C.J. Turner, B.S. Chaparro, & J. He (2018). Texting While Walking: Is It Possible With a Smartwatch? Journal of Usability Studies, 13(2), 94-118.

    Smartwatches depicting two input methods: tap (left) and trace (right).

    • Smartwatches are quickly becoming a popular complement to smartphones for notifications and activity tracking, yet most lack an effective method of text input. Typing on a smartwatch with an onscreen keyboard was originally thought to be impractical due to the small screen size. Participants, in this study, typed using two different text input methods while standing and while walking. Read the article to learn which input method resulted in the fastest typing speeds, accuracy, and was preferred by the participants. Recommendations to include a full QWERTY keyboard on all smartwatch designs are discussed.

Other Publications & Affiliated Work

  • Dell Inc. (May 2017) Boost productivity with dual monitors. Electronic Whitepaper. Round Texas, TX: Dell.
  • Linn Huang. (October 2017) Gaining Higher Productivity with 2-in-1 PC. Electronic Whitepaper. Framingham, MA: International Data Corporation.