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The Optimize office is on the Wichita State University campus. We are an academic-based research and usability laboratory housed in a newly remodeled, vendor neutral space. We have dedicated space for hosting multiple concurrent studies, transitional space to meet specific client needs, and conference meeting rooms. Our lab is located near visitor parking, ADA compliant, and easily accessible from a main entrance.


Our office is located in Room 102 of McKinnley Hall on the main WSU campus. Below is a parking map for visitor parking on campus near to our space.



WSU’s Innovation Campus is being built to provide for positive collisions of people and ideas.

  • Faculty are known for their innovation and expertise; partnerships are built on working for private enterprise not competing against it.
  • Students to get paid internships with the businesses doing work on campus; not only getting a traditional degree, but they’re getting augmented with things they can put on their resume with real companies doing real work.
  • Companies have the opportunity to hire student workers who can be trained, tested and may eventually grow into full-time employees.

“It’s an opportunity for outside companies to establish operations on campus, bringing with them new ideas, technology, jobs and paid student internships. In turn, the companies will gain regular interaction with WSU faculty, students, research and other technology-driven companies.”