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Together we can develop a content strategy for your website or software – identify goals and determine the best structure. Depending on the content, there may be various ways to organize information: exact or subjective schemes.

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  • The Optimize team creates wire frames to guide content design
  • Method used to visually represent pathways of information, consistent placement of like-elements, and priority of content
  • Evaluation phase tests design prototypes for first-click impression to make sure the interface elements and functions match a predictable behavior and are appropriate to help with task completion, efficiency, and satisfaction.


  • Method for defining content structure by exploring how users visualize and cluster information
    • Open sorts present participants with many information items to group and name the category; can be subdivided into smaller groupings
    • Closed sorts present participants with predefined categories for sorting the information
  • Depending on the project and design phase, we can collect user data in-person or online
  • Results generate an overall structure for site content as well as implications for navigation, menus, and possible taxonomies


  • Evaluation conducted early in the product design lifecycle
  • A structure analysis that tests the “findability” of information on your website or software
  • We test users ability to successfully locate information on a simplified text version of site without influence of visual and navigational aids
  • Results used to validate the structure and prove its effectiveness and inform the final interface design