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Field study research makes use of several methods to understand the target market’s preferences and intentions used to formulate a comprehensive report and provide direct input to design. Wichita is an excellent location in which to conduct market research; ranked in the top 50 Test Markets in the U.S. The city’s metropolitan area is a representative microcosm of the entire county with a diverse population ethnically and economically, and a commercial base representing several major industrial groups: agriculture, aviation, education, health care and petroleum.

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  • In-person discussions with groups of 8 to 10 persons to gather information and explore attitudes from multiple perspectives
    • each user’s unique point of view is valued not consensus building
  • Method especially useful for business wanting to interface with their customers to research new products or test-out new concepts
  • Qualitative data yields a range of target users’ opinions, motivations and perceptions; while discovering issues, problematic processes and user behaviors
  • Results can stand alone, but more often are used to supplement additional evaluation methods


  • In-person, 1-on-1, discussions to collect unbiased information and direct feedback
    • We conduct interviews with consumers on site, while they are already interacting with the client’s business
    • Can incorporate experiential stimuli through taste tests, merchandise testing, experience and satisfaction surveys
  • Data collected from these interviews varies depending on the test objectives. Often includes users’ opinions, perceptions and preferences relating to a specific product


  • Method to easily collect information about the newest products on the market, and evaluate competitors
  • Data collected provides insight into changing strategies of competitors and market direction
  • Clients use results to detect and resolve problems, provide store feedback, and improve performance and compliance trends


  • Data collected will identify any weaknesses in systems, workflow or employee performances; can be monitored for compliance with industry regulations and standards
  • Results used to recognize and reward good staff performance, motivate and encourage improved performance